If you have trouble opening any of the forms, you can request to have those mailed or emailed to you.   Contact the show manager; Ruby Priore – (918)-576-1452 or at [email protected].


Membership Form

OMHCI membership allows exhibitors to be eligible for show, circuit and year end awards; and for youth members to show at the AMHR/AMHA shows for free (some fees apply) see premium book for details.

OMHCI Membership Form


Supporter Form

OMHCI Supporter Form


OMHCI can now accept credit cards for payment

There will be a 5% service charge for using a credit card.



March 18 – Fat N Fuzzy Fun and Training Show and Clinic (Q & A on Performance Classes)

ENTER AT THE SHOW – No Pre-entries (Please Make Stall/Shavings Reservations)

Judge:  Shari Rehak/OK

We will be giving away tack for the Fat N Fuzzy show awards to help you get started right for your show season.

We will also be having our Chili Cook-Off and a Dessert Bake-Off on Saturday around noon during the show.  So bring your best pot of chili and/or your favorite dessert!  Hot dogs, “fixings” and drinks will be provided by the club.

2023 OMHCI Fat N Fuzzy Showbill





ABRA WORLD SHOW – Information is listed below. The class list is below HOWEVER you need to send the class entry form to ABRA, at www.AmericanBuckskin.com 

The stalls/shavings entry form is below – if not already ordered through an AMHR or AMHA show.


CROSSOVER FEE:  There has been some confusion on the crossover fee.  It is to help REDUCE the cost to the exhibitor with multiple people showing one horse.

If two or more people are showing a horse that is in multiple classes or has a flat fee on it then the one time crossover fee can be paid instead of the the class fee for those classes.  (i.e. a horse/trainer showing with an open flat fee or multiple classes wanting to add an AM in two or more classes can pay the crossover fee in lieu of the AM class fees).  It may not always apply; the lesser amount paid is in favor of the exhibitor.  It may not always apply as in some cases it may be cheaper for the exhibitor to just pay the regular class fees.  The crossover mainly applies to an AM/Open combination as most of the youth are members and are showing for free.

Please MAIL entry form(s), legible horse paperwork and payment by the pre-entry deadline to the show manager.

Remember we will have a drawing to give away a miniature horse at the April – Red River Shoot-Out, May – Mini Stampede and August – Last Chance Showdown.  If you have a horse you would like to donate for any one of these shows, please contact Ruby Priore, OMHCI show manager at (918)-576-1452.

We will be having a silent auction at the April, May and August shows, so if you have any items you would like to donate, please feel free to bring them to the show.

There will also be Pre-Paid Warm-Up available on Friday night with the jumps and obstacles for as long as you would like to practice.  It is $15 per animal and can paid on your entry form, or it may be added at the show office.

BUCKSKIN or BUCKSKIN BRED HORSES – We will again be having American Buckskin Registry Association (ABRA) classes in conjunction with both AMHR and AMHA shows for April and May; so these are 3 judge shows.  Please remember that although they are held with the AMHR/AMHA shows, this is a different association and extra fees and ABRA rules do apply.  There is a separate entry form for ABRA classes.

PINTO HORSES – We will be having Pinto Horse Association of America (PtHA) classes in conjunction with the AMHR shows for April and May; they will be a one judge show.  Please remember that although they are held with the AMHR/AMHA shows, this is a different association and extra fees and PtHA rules do apply.  There is a separate entry form for PtHA classes.




2023 OMHCI Class Lists

2023 OMHCI Class ListApril 

2023 OMHCI Pinto Class ListPtHA ONLY April & May

2023 OMHCI Class List May

2023 ABRA WS Class ListABRA ONLY May



April 15 – Red River Shoot-Out AMHR Show 

2023 Red River Shoot-Out AMHR Premium

Red River Shoot-Out AMHR Entry Form


Red River Shoot-Out ABRA-SHOW 1 Entry FormABRA BUCKSKIN ONLY

Red River Shoot-Out PtHA Entry FormPtHA PINTO ONLY


April 16 – Red River Shoot-Out AMHA Show 

2023 Red River Shoot-Out AMHA Premium

Red River Shoot-Out AMHA Entry Form


Red River Shoot-Out ABRA-SHOW 2 Entry FormABRA BUCKSKIN ONLY


PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE: March 18, 2023

3 Judges

Cindy Butler; IL {AMHR National & PtHA Show Judge}

Karen Iversen; FL {AMHA World Show Judge}

James Rutledge; TX


May 20 – Mini Stampede AMHR Show

2023 Mini Stampede AMHR Premium

Mini Stampede AMHR Entry Form


Mini Stampede PtHA- Entry FormPtHA PINTO ONLY


May 21 – Mini Stampede AMHA Show

2023 Mini Stampede AMHA & ABRA WS Premium

Mini Stampede AMHA Entry Form


ABRA WS Stall Entry FormABRA Stalls/Shavings ONLY (if not already ordered with an AMHR or AMHA show)

2023 ABRA Mini World Show Entry FormABRA Class Entries ONLY – to be sent to ABRA



3 Judges:                                         4 Judges/ABRA WS:

Mike Adams; IL {PtHA Judge}

Drew McDannald; MO {AMHA World Show Judge}

Margo Shallcross; TX {AMHR National Show Judge}

Clare Purdy; TX {ABRA World Show Judge}


August 5 – Last Chance Showdown AMHR Show

2023 Last Chance Showdown AMHR Premium

Last Chance Showdown AMHR Entry Form

August 6 – Last Chance Showdown AMHA Show 

2023 Last Chance Showdown AMHA Premium

Last Chance Showdown AMHA Entry Form


Last Chance Showdown Class List:

2023 OMHCI Class List – August


PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE: July 15, 2023

3 Judges

Ron Bartholomew; NY 

Clare Purdy; TX

Les Zadina; NE



NEW FOR 2023 – We have added Pinto Classes for both A&B minis to the AMHR show; AMHA show carriage classes and the ABRA Miniature World Show will be in conjunction with the May Mini Stampede Show.


March 18, 2023 – Fat N Fuzzy Training Show & Clinic

April 15-16, 2023 – Red River Shoot-Out   AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

May 20-21, 2023 – Mini Stampede AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

August 5-6, 2023 – Last Chance Showdown AMHR/AMHA Show



March 30, 2024 – Fat N Fuzzy Training Show & Clinic

April 20-21, 2024 – Red River Shoot-Out  AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

May 18-19, 2024 – Mini Stampede AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

August 3-4, 2024 – Last Chance Showdown AMHR/AMHA Show


March 29, 2025 – Fat N Fuzzy Training Show & Clinic

April 18-19, 2025 – Red River Shoot-Out (Friday/Saturday – Easter) AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

May 17-18, 2025 – Mini Stampede AMHR/AMHA/ABRA/PtHA Show

August 2-3, 2025 – Last Chance Showdown AMHR/AMHA Show