If you have trouble opening any of the forms, you can request to have those mailed or emailed to you. 

The AMHR and the AMHA premium, entry form and class list for the Wild N Wooly show are on the web.


Membership Form

OMHCI Membership Form


Supporter Form

OMHCI Supporter Form


2019 Show Forms

March 23 – Fat N Fuzzy Fun Show

ENTER AT THE SHOW – No Pre-entries

Judge: Kimberly Cotter – OK





ENTRY FORMS are included in the premium, but are also separate if you wish to only download the class list and appropriate entry form(s).  There are two pages to each entry form.

American Buckskin Registry Assoc. (ABRA) classes are being held in conjunction with AMHR/ABRA Show 1 & AMHA/ABRA Show 2 – separate entry forms & fees apply for each show. 


Please MAIL entry form(s), legible horse paperwork and payment by the pre-entry deadline to the show manager.


Remember we will have a drawing to give away a miniature horse at the April – Red River Shoot-Out and May – Mini Stampede this year.  If you have a horse you would like to donate for either one of these shows, please contact Ruby Priore, OMHCI show manager at (918)-576-1452.



April 19-20 – Red River Shoot-Out AMHR/Classic Pony Show

April 20-21 – Red River Shoot-Out AMHA Show

ENTRIES CLOSE: April 6, 2019

Judges: Leslie Connor – MO, Diana Firestone – TX, Austin VanWyck – AZ

2019 RRS AMHR Premium

2019 RRS AMHR Entry Form

2019 RRS ABRA 1 Entry Form (Buckskin ONLY)


2019 RRS AMHA Premium

2019 RRS AMHA Entry Form

2019 RRS ABRA 2 Entry Form (Buckskin ONLY)



2019 RRS and MS Class List



The AMHA Mini Stampede has changed to ONE day only – Saturday May 25th.  ALL classes for this show will be held on Saturday.

May 24-25 – Mini Stampede AMHR/Classic Pony Show

May 25-26 – Mini Stampede AMHA Show

ENTRIES CLOSE: May 4, 2019

Judges: Patrick Derrick – SD, Drew McDannald- MO, James Rutledge – TX

2019 MS AMHR Premium

2019 MS AMHR Entry Form

2019 MS ABRA 1 Entry Form (Buckskin ONLY)


2019 MS AMHA Premium

 2019 MS AMHA Entry Form

2019 MS ABRA 2 Entry Form (Buckskin ONLY)



September 29 – Wild N Wooly Performance Only Show

PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE: September 14, 2019

Judges:  Drew McDannald – MO, Clare Purdy – TX, Kim Seipp – CO

2019 OMHCI Wild N Wooly Class List


2019 Wild N Wooly AMHR

WNW AMHR Entry Form


2019 Wild N Wooly AMHA

Wild N Wooly AMHA Entry Form